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I'm being shadowed by a shady stranger. Someone's always lookin' over my shoulder. I'm frightened just to walk around the corner. Your eyes upon me.

Lookin' Over My Shoulder by The Basics, released 20 August

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Basics - Lookin' Over My Shoulder - Music.

Lookin' Over my Shoulder. By The Basics My Brain's Off (And I Like It) · Leftovers - Demos & D- Listen to The Basics in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. Lookin' Over My Shoulder. By The Basics. • 5 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Lookin' Over My Shoulder. 2. You Will Know What's Right. 3. The Basics "Lookin' Over My Shoulder". SharePlayAddLicenseDownloadMore +. Lookin' Over My Shoulder. Performed By: The Basics; Album: Stand Out / Fit In.

Watch the video for Lookin' Over My Shoulder from The Basics's Stand Out / Fit In for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. 23 Dec - 4 min This is "The Basics - Looking Over My Shoulder (music video)" by The Basics on Vimeo, the. There are at least three artists with the name The Basics An Australian rock band (active from to present)2. A US blues-roots rock band.

With a unique vibe, a growing fan base and brand new single in “Lookin' Over My Shoulder”, The Basics continue to prove that great songs are timeless. Yeah.

All Day & All of The Night (Live @ The Espy). 1. $ 5. Call It Rhythm and Blues (Live @ The Espy). 1. $

Buy Lookin' Over My Shoulder The Basics, Pop, CD Singles Online Now at the Australian based Sanity Movie Store. View Trailer and Tracks. Play "Lookin' Over My Shoulder" by "The Basics" (Lookin' Over My Shoulder، The Basics). The Basics are Kris Schroeder (bassist/vocalist), Tim Heath (lead guitar/vocals) Call It Rhythm and Blues (), For Girls Like You () and Lookin? Over My Shoulder (), and a second album Stand Out/Fit In was released in

The Basics are an Australian band, formed by Wally De Backer and Kris Schroeder in , . Season Eight of Scrubs featured the song 'Lookin' Over My Shoulder'. Despite all this promise, the band's album Keep Your Friends Close.

Complete list of The Basics music featured in tv shows and movies. The Basics TV & Film Sync Placements Lookin' Over My Shoulder. For example, The Basics released “Lookin' Over my Shoulder” that has Gotye on lead. Fans will immediately recognize this as the classic Gotye. She said she'd always be right there. Lookin' over my shoulder” - Lookin' Over My Shoulder - The Basics What a funny and quirky song about.

The Basics are the hardest grafters in town - but which one? envy, which is most prevalent on the first single, Lookin' Over My Shoulder. The Basics - Lookin' Over My Shoulder Lyrics I'm being shadowed by a shady stranger. Someone's always lookin' over my shoulder. I'm frightened just to walk. Ingredients celebrates the best of Melbourne band The Basics' last four albums, However the latter, “Lookin' Over My Shoulder” goes further.

JOHN MCSWEENEY, SONGS YOU KNOW BY HEART: VOLUME 2. RVI. V. JOSH AITKEN, DARK CLOUDS. UNK. A. JUICE MUSIC, MY BUMPER MUSIC. The Basics Lookin' Over My Shoulder - Live Cool Cats - Live 8.U R The 1 - Live My Chain - Live Have Love, Will Travel - Live I've just been listening to a bit of The Basics, and came across a bit of a flute line in the song Lookin' Over My Shoulder – it sounds a lot like the.

I'm running down to the corner lot. it's 45 past 2, I almost forgot. to show. I've got a date to make with mr. so-and-so. after which,. I won't care when you all start to.

The Basics | Lookin' Over My Shoulder | The Basics Live LP () | Independent Lisa Miller | You can Have Him (The Cake) | Car Tape 2 LP () | Other. But that has all worked in his favour over the past 15 years, as he's carved out a monumental My parents also had a 7" of Kate Bush's 'The Man With the Child In His Eyes'. .. That's where the name of the band came from – The Basics – it was just me and him, an acoustic . Lookin' Over My Shoulder. The Basics are a three-piece band who go for the classic approch to rock'n'roll. among youth today; I could go on; Second best; Lookin' over my shoulder; Hey.

Open The Basics in Lookin' Over My Shoulder (Part I) – a rather silly PDF comic by me. It's about 8mb for the first 4 pages. I'll streamline it for the next chapter. An acronym for Parent(s) Watching Over My Shoulder, PWOMS is commonly or POTS (Parent Over the Shoulder), PLOS (Parents Looking Over Shoulder). Listen to The Basics Radio free online. Listen to free internet Stations that play The Basics. Lookin' Over My Shoulder · Stand Out / Fit In.

The Basics's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. The Basics. Lookin' Over My Shoulder · The Basics.

Rattle My Chain; Memory Lane; Have Love, Will Travel; Hey There! Just Hold On; (Love, Love) Speak To Me; Lookin' Over My Shoulder; Sound Off; Better; The.

"Away" by Leroy; "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick; "Over Me" by " Above It All" ("Scrubs Side Story") by. "My .. "Lookin' Over My Shoulder", The Basics.

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The Basics are a three-piece band from Melbourne, formed by Wally De Backer and Season Eight of Scrubs featured the song 'Lookin' Over My Shoulder'.

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