Have Rocket Will Travel

Three Stooges (Joseph Wardell, Moses Horwitz and Louis Feinberg - aka Curly Joe DeRita Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Joe DeRita in Have Rocket -- Will.

Have Rocket, Will Travel is a American science fiction comedy film starring The Three Stooges. By this time, the trio consisted of Moe Howard, Larry Fine.

Joe De Rita makes his debut as the third Stooge in this rollicking slapstick comedy that has the three bunglers accidentally locking themselves into a rocket ship and blasting off to Venus. Once on the second planet, they find fantastic life forms. View All Critic Reviews (1).

The end of was also the end of an era at Columbia Pictures – the nearly quarter-of-a-century-long relationship between the studio and The Three Stooges .

Overview of Have Rocket--Will Travel, , directed by David Lowell Rich, with Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita, at Turner Classic Movies. The space agency's latest attempt to launch a rocket into space has failed, and Mr. Morse (Jerome Cowan) lays blame with Dr. Ingred Naarveg's fuel formula. : Have Rocket, Will Travel: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita, Jerome Cowan, Anna-Lisa, Bob Colbert, David Lowell Rich, Harry Romm: Movies.

Soitenly, I can -- and so can my four cousins, who were with me on Jan. 3, The Day the Three Stooges Came to the Holiday House.

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Have Rocket, Will Travel was the first starring feature film with The Three Stooges . By this time, the trio consisted of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Joe.

The Stooges are janitors working at a space center who accidentally blast off to Venus. They encounter a talking unicorn, a giant fire breathing tarantula, and an . By the late s The Three Stooges careers seemed to have run their course. Their shorts had become routine and the weakest of their career. More Larry accidentally develops fuel for the rocket and, along with the monkey intended for the original trial, the three men launch themselves.

The legendary Chicago/Berwyn-based sci-fi/horror film host will present his premiere of “The Three Stooges” in “Have Rocket, Will Travel”. Have Rocket Will Travel. Released Distributor Columbia. This cheap but popular sci-fi spoof was the first Columbia feature for the Stooges, who had. Since Yuri Gagarin became the first space traveller in , governments have set the human spaceflight agenda. Is this about to change?.

HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL, from left: Joe DeRita, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, ( aka The Three Stooges) Photo - at Choose from over imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · title. Have Rocket, Will Travel (English). 0 references. main subject · extraterrestrial life. 0 references. genre. Adventures of the Three Stooges on the Iverson Movie Ranch, Part I: "Have Rocket, Will Travel". This is the first installment in a three-part series.

SFE: Science Fiction Encyclopedia: Film (). Columbia. Directed by David Lowell Rich. Written by Raphael Hayes. Cast includes.

Travel · Space · Slapstick · Mars. When the Stooges accidently blast off to Venus, they encounter an alien computer who creates evil duplicates of them. Album · · 8 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Description: Three Stooges Have Rocket Will Travel Movie Poster, Columbia Pictures, starring Moe, Larry, Curly (Joe Derita), paper loss to upper left .

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