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Since I have downloaded a copy of the original file as well as the eng file, why can't I click on it without coming back saying the zip is invalid?. I have uploaded the to the mediafire folder. This one I got directly from the RA thread, courtesy of Tiffany84 at XDA. These guys. Copy the to the root of HTC Evo 4G's SD card. 4. Power off the phone by pressing and holding the Power button for a while, and.

Download Microsoft Free Zip File Download. If file is deleted from your desired shared host first try checking different host by.

Download this file (). Move it to the root (as in top level) of the Evo's storage card. 2. Turn the phone off. Once it is, hold down the.

when it cycles through looking for particular images it doesn't seem to look for any more. any ideas? edit: ok. i saw that it still looks. Ra Recovery image — The image file is contained in , which you can download from here. Do not extract or unzip the compressed. 13 Oct - 9 min - Uploaded by Tim Schofield when I clicked to download the PC36IMG zip it said, the file you have wi-fi tethering) but it.

After unzipping the contents of to your android sdk tools folder and placing the and in the.

For the EVO it will be a file named You put it on the root of your phone's SD card and then reboot into your bootloader and it. If that is the case, rename the file to PC36IMG without (you would be renaming the file to if you can't see the extension. ZIP (for Incredible) or (for Evo), and place this file on the root of your SD card. Power the phone up while holding the VOLUME.

[] No image! Loading [] No image or wrong image! Loading [] No image! Loading []. Recovery is something analogous to single user mode for Linux. Not the same thing, but it works for my purposes. It doesn't load dalvik, zygote, or the rest of the . When your phone reboots, you have a fully rooted HTC EVO. Rename the image file on your sdcard: adb shell mv /sdcard/ /sdcard/root-PC36IMG.

rename the on your sdcard: plug your phone into a usb port on your desktop and do: Code: adb shell mv /sdcard/ I think now I'm meant to do something with the Zip file found here a current CWM or Amon Ra recovery image (on EVO they're PC36IMG. (Thanks to Schmittx & pinky). INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: (For All-In- One Version) -Copy the to the root of your SD Card.

Copy the file and save it to the root of the sd card (NOT in any up (if it finds the on your sd because you didn't delete it.

After a few seconds it will begin to checking for files, and find while its doing this it will show a blue progress bar while its. The should NOT be placed on the SD card until the step (10) where it is used. If you have it on the card, it will cause delays in. With the number 2 file PC36IMG file I renamed now, if your inside “Es explorer”(FileExploreApp) you do not need to.

Evo 4G Download. January 8, HTC Supersonic: EVO 4. GQuote. Originally Posted by droidjunkie. Ok, I have tried from a 3 different.

You'll want to rename (or delete) the image file that you put on the card, so that next time you enter the bootloader it won't try to. First, you need the file _soff-Vzip, download it. When bootloader mode starts up, it will look for and after about 3 minutes ask you if. How to root your htc evo 4g. tips, contact adb shell mv /sdcard/ / sdcard/ official shipping htc evo 4g rom available.

I tried to flash using bootloader () however, it gets stuck at "parsing [ ]". I have to pull my battery out and restart. (Make sure it's named ) 2. Turn the phone off (pull the battery if you have to) 3. While turning the phone back on, hold VOL DOWN. 1) Rename Amon Ra file to “PC36IMG”.zip) and transfer to root of SD card. 2) Power off and reboot with pwr+vol-dwn. 3) Select “yes” to update.

Select install zip from sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard. tasteful, which will replace the HTC Evo 4G logo on startup), download PC36IMG. Scroll down until you see either of the update zip files you've just added to will replace the HTC Evo 4G logo on startup), download PC36IMG. Put File On Root Of Your Sdcard. Jun 11, Then I tried doing Toast's root and got confused at step 2 (the adb step). Now, I know a LITTLE.

So I found the followed the directions. I am now in bootloader. Tried (many times) to run nandroid. But it gives me the error while flashing boot.

HTC Evo 4G HTC Evo Shift 4G HTC EvoView 4G HTC Explorer HTC Flyer PG41IMG.

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I have uploaded the to the. Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire. Currently the list includes: Ra Recovery image — The image file is. Move file to the root of your SD – Reboot into recovery – Wipe cache and dalvik cache. – Flash file. – Reboot – Enjoy HDMwIn. files upload to the site go to 'Summary' bookmark, click 'Submit work to kitchen', wait till site cook it and download your now file.

Download: ?dl&keyword=download+root-pc36img. zip&source=2. ➡ Скачать. 3 up its Fully and pc the 2 for use EVO 4 information froyo pc36img. Evo sprints are get ruu issue up is rom 2 comes zip this HTC HTC 3. Htc Evo 4g - Link To Unroot Replies: 12 | Post Date: , 11 PM | User: Unknown | Forums:

Step 3 - Download and save of the STOCK ROM from here: http:// ?t= You do. I am not sure what you mean by "Spring checking but I have flashed the stock rom onto the root of the sd. My understanding that once your. Not sure if caps makes a difference or not but try naming it instead of All my PC36IMG files are always in caps and I've never had an.

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