Vrtsralus Rpm

Method 4: Execute the command. rpm -qa VRTSralus. Method 5: 1. Open a terminal. 2. Run the following command: cat /var/VRTSralus/ralus.

Does anyone know why RPM doesn't detect that VRTSvxmsa is installed? Thanks, James Installing VRTSralusx86_rpm on CentOS X

the Linux console run beremote in debug mode form the /opt/VRTSralus/bin. After successful installation of compat-libstdc++ rpm packages.

tar -xvzf tar -xvzf The install files are format so you'll need to use alien to convert them format.

Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle. Start your 7-day free trial. info-btechCommented: rpm -e VRTSralus rpm -e. Unpack from \pkgs\Linux\; if x86_64 -> Unpack .gz from \RALUS64\pkgs\Linux\; copy VRTSralus*.rpm to your source directory. VRTSralus Cookbook () a strange problem with the installation (through the procedure with RPM the agent doesn't work correctly).

2 is needed by VRTSralus 1 is needed by .. VRTSRALUS_FILE="VRTSralusirpm".

rm -r /opt/VRTSralus/bin/ Stop the Remote Agent Debian GNU/ Linux, Ubuntu, dpkg -r VRTSralus. Linux, rpm -e VRTSralus. Sun Solaris, pkgrm.

tar -zxvf tar -zxvf Symantec provides rpm packages so we will have to convert them to deb. If you don't. [email protected]#: ls VRTSralusirpm VRTSvxmsai rpm. Copy files to your home directory. STEP 2. RALUS/rpms/Linux/ on. 29 VxIF::Info:: Checking /depot/os/ BE/ralus/RALUS64/pkgs/Linux/ on.

First, you need to download the file using wget and then install it using rpm on your system to enable the epel repository. Step by step installation of the backup .

yum install compat-libstdc++i # rpm -ivh VRTSralus irpm. # rpm -ivh VRTSvxmsairpm.

After an F16 -> F17 upgrade yum shows me a bunch of warnings (usually non- fatal, depending on the yum command I run), such as the. This should leave 2 new files on your current directory: VRTSralus x86_deb and VRTSralusx86_rpm. Now let's. adduser root beoper. 6. cd ~/packages/backupexec/Linux. 7. alien -d *.rpm. 8. dpkg -i *.deb. 9. cp /opt/VRTSralus/bin/ /etc/init.d/

There is another tar file called "". Untar THAT file and you have a deb and a rpm package. Install it using the --force-all (fails. VRTSralus and VRTSvxmsa. To untar: tar -zxvf tar -zxvf Symantec provides rpm packages so we will have. [[email protected] ~]# subscription-manager repos --enable=rhelserver-optional- rpms Repo 'rhelserver-optional-rpms' is enabled for this.

Log in to your Ubuntu system and transfer the and VRTSvxmsa- .rpm files to your home folder. 2. VRTSRALUS_FILE="VRTSralusirpm" VRTSVXMSA_FILE=" VRTSvxmsairpm". VRTSralusx86_64 has missing requires of [[email protected] security]# yum update freetypeel6_x86_rpm.

RPM Instant Client Package – SDK: Additional header files and an example makefile for rpm -Uvh VRTSralusx86_rpm.

Installed RALUS from both nodes are equal: rpm -q VRTSralus VRTSralus grep VRT discussion comment 14 Jul bbb commented. swremove VRTSralus. Linux. rpm -e VRTSralus. Sun Solaris. pkgrm VRTSralus. 6. Change back to the root directory by typing the following. to see if anything was tampered with, run "rpm -V" to verify all installed files. But beware, I've seen . G. /opt/VRTSralus/bin/

The RALUS comes as an RPM, which is a tad presumptuous of the package VRTSvxmsa = is needed by VRTSralus

Log in to your Ubuntu system and transfer the and Start the Backup Exec agent using '/opt/VRTSralus/bin/ start'.

adduser root beoper. 5. cd ~/packages/backupexec/Linux. 6. alien -d --script *. rpm. 7. dpkg -i *.deb. 8. cp /opt/VRTSralus/bin/ /etc/init.d/VRTSralus .

Both packages must be properly installed: VRTSralus and VRTSvxmsa. To untar: tar -zxvf tar -zxvf Symantec provides rpm.

Utilizing yum to update rpms based on Linux Security Notices VRTSralus x86_64 has missing requires of libstdc++.so.5()(64bit).

Untar that file and you have a deb and a rpm package. Windows firewall, etc, but if you have some policies in effect you should be able to contact your client. someone noted that alien could convert the rpm's, so I started there. { "ralus- init": command => "/bin/cp /opt/VRTSralus/bin/ 1 окт The rpms (and therefore the converted debs) will contain files in /opt. fakeroot alien --keep-version VRTSralusirpm.

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